The rising profile of threat actors and advanced technologies used by them mean organizations cannot secure themselves by installing antivirus software suites alone. They need advanced and overarching cybersecurity measures to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure (and other areas) and establish a culture of security compliance.

As one of the best cybersecurity organizations, Offensive Shield offers a range of cybersecurity measures combining innovation, research, consulting, and technical assurance for organizations to manage their cybersecurity risks.

The host of penetration testing employed by us cuts across small, medium, and large enterprises, and various industry verticals.

The industries supported by us include BFSI, Technology, IT, Engineering, Hospitality, Retail and eCommerce, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Law, Tourism, Aviation, Shipping, Entertainment, Agriculture, and many more.

What makes us special?

Our proven approach to cybersecurity helps enterprises in prioritizing their risks and enabling them to strengthen the core areas of their business. We aim at empowering enterprises by driving changes in their understanding, behavior, and culture surrounding the realm of cybersecurity.

Why Offensive Shield?

Client is always the priority

As a trusted cybersecurity partner, we always keep our clients’ interests at the top and work towards securing their sensitive data from numerous threat actors. Our robust cybersecurity measures help enterprises in securing their business at every stage of their value chain. We are always responsive to the calls of our clients and resolve them to their satisfaction. No wonder, clients choose us over others, again and again.

Keeps your data secure during testing

Simulating attacks on a client’s IT infrastructure as a part of penetration testing can expose sensitive and confidential data. However, our testing methodology ensures the clients’ data remain safe and secure while the vulnerabilities and risks to their systems, applications, and networks are discovered and acted upon.

Realistic assessment

We leverage the latest tools, techniques, and methodologies to give enterprises a realistic assessment of their potential risks. Our comprehensive report contains the existing vulnerabilities, their potential for damage, exploitability, reproducibility, and the number of affected users – in an easy-to-read format.

Customizable assessment

We understand that each enterprise faces unique risks based on the environment it operates in and the tools it uses. We know that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not ensure adequate security for most businesses, and so, we customize our security solutions based on the client’s risk profile. Our proactive recommendations help businesses to mitigate incidents of cybercrime and improve their security posture.



We practice what we preach and consistently maintain the highest levels of quality in all our dealings and activities. We deliver on time and stick to the budget.


Our cybersecurity experts deliver presentations at industry conferences, author tools, conduct master-level training, and advise industry associations about the evolving threat scenario and the ways to counter it.


Most of the time, small and medium enterprises may find it difficult to invest in cybersecurity measures. We offer fixed-cost packages affordable to such organizations and ensure their systems’ defences against threat vectors are strengthened.

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