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What We Do

Offensive Shield is dedicated to providing top-notch security services, while also continuously performing research on emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and developing new tools and techniques in the growing landscape of cyber security. At our cyber security company, we work in close coordination with our clients to provide each of them with tailored solutions, addressing their respective security requirements.

Penetration Testing

We help you to understand the vulnerabilities in your systems, suggest strategies to fix them, and strengthen the overall security. Our penetration testing services offers you an honest and real-time insight into how cybercriminals can strike at your system, people, processes, and network.

Adversary Simulation

Also known as Red Teaming, it involves launching multipronged targeted attacks on your IT infrastructure by using a wide range of tools and techniques, which an attacker is expected to use. It measures your organization’s readiness in stopping any real-time cyber-attack.

Social Engineering

We help you to test your IT infrastructure and assess your employee’s readiness in detecting and responding to phishing or vishing attacks. The technique exploits human psychology and trick people of your organization into performing specific actions like divulging confidential information.

Secure Code Review

We can identify dangerous or erroneous coding practices that can potentially lead to more vulnerabilities in the future. With a secure code review, we can ensure swift identification and patching of vulnerabilities.

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Blockchain Security Testing

We help you to detect vulnerabilities in your blockchain infrastructure by launching a simulated attack. We reveal your blockchain network’s potential for DDoS attacks, detect cryptographic flaws and common threats, and recommend prevention strategies.

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Incident Response

We help your organization in minimizing the impact of any cyber-attack by detecting it in the shortest possible time and launch a rapid and effective response. Our robust incident response service can help you meet stringent reporting timelines and compliance requirements, and prevent a crisis.


We design and offer customized training programs to ensure your employees and vendors have a high degree of security awareness. We help your organization to fend off cyber-attacks by sensitizing employees about the security practices to follow while accessing the IT infrastructure.

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Offensive Shield has helped a large number of its clientele across industry verticals and geographies in identifying vulnerabilities and strengthening defences with a high rate of success. As one of the leading cyber security testing company, we have a proven track record of offering strategic guidance and top-notch services to our clients


Action Oriented

Our cybersecurity experts provide clear, action-oriented recommendations designed to provide time to value in improving client’s security posture.


IT Security Assessment Coverage

We achieved a high success rate as our assessment is tailored to fit into the client’s security needs.


Red Team Assessment Success

Our OSS experts have mimicked APT style attacks and have been successful in breaching the external perimeter 95% of the time.


Client Satisfaction

With one of the highest client satisfaction rates in the industry and the data, referrals and accolades to prove it, Offensive Shield builds lasting and trusted relationships with its clients.


Who We Are

With the combination of technological advancement and increased sophistication of adversaries, offensive security testing needs to be custom-tailored to organizations to identify their unique risk profile. This profile allows for an assessment that is "form-fitted", which is what's typically seen in a targeted attack. Based on your security needs, the specialists of our business security company implement tailored and advanced solutions to protect critical data of your organization.


About Us

We are focused on delivering customized cybersecurity solutions to enterprises based on their risk profile. Our cost-effective testing solutions can detect inherent vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and keep track of any emerging threat vector.

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As a premier cybersecurity assessment company, Offensive Shield provides advanced security testing services and solutions to organizations across industry verticals. We partner with clients in detecting their risk profile, understand their response systems, and recommend suitable safeguard strategies


Why Choose Us

Organisations can avail a range of benefits by choosing us such as identifying vulnerabilities and emerging threats, ensuring regulatory compliance, and strengthening the security of IT infrastructure.

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Mission: To protect the critical assets and infrastructure of our valued clients from a range of threat actors by using custom-made cybersecurity assessments and leveraging advanced technologies.

Vision: To be a trusted partner of our clients across the globe and help them achieve business success.


What Our Clients Say

The premier cybersecurity services provided by Offensive Shield have helped a large number of enterprises spanning industries in testing and strengthening their security systems. The glowing testimonials from clients show our commitment to providing high-quality security testing solutions.


We Work With

We are proud to be chosen as a top cybersecurity company by several partner organizations including start-ups cutting across business verticals. Our ability to understand the security challenges of organizations and offering tailor-made solutions according to their needs is what makes us stand apart.

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