With OSS Managed Phishing Services, our team of experts will go to work creating and executing phishing simulation tests, along with security awareness training.

Our Managed Phishing Services will provide your employees with continuous simulated phishing tests to educate your users in identifying and reporting suspicious emails.

Real-time reporting of these tests allows you to identify at-risk employees that may require additional training.

Our team will review the analysis and reporting after the tests and will be available to answer any questions.

Our Managed Phishing Service provides the following features:

  • Assess user susceptibility - Determine user vulnerability to a range of phishing attacks, deployed over a custom period of time.

  • Monitor user risk - View in-depth user performance over time and understand user behavior with key phishing trends.

  • Transform user behavior - Empower users to combat attacks with bite-sized movie style security awareness training

  • In-Depth Reporting - Track user opened, clicked and compromised rates, and dig deep into in-depth reporting and common trends.

  • View Trends & Insights.

Your employees will gain access to an ever-increasing library of security awareness training on our learning management system. Additionally, Offensive Shield will also provide awareness training solution that uses engaging, 3 to 4-minute Hollywood-style micro-learning videos. We teach organizations, employees, and families.

The truth is, most security awareness training is like watching paint dry and doesn’t engage people through creative storytelling. Thus, human error—which accounts for almost all cybersecurity breaches—doesn’t get addressed because very few are paying attention. Unlike most security awareness training, which is simply a “check-the-box” exercise, we want users to be engaged and have fun while they’re learning about today’s biggest cybersecurity threats.

Managed Phishing Service Benefits

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