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Today’s web applications carry sensitive customer and business data and drive the online initiatives of enterprises. However, they also present an attractive target for cybercriminals to exploit any inherent vulnerabilities or weaknesses for ulterior motives. Hence, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your IT systems is important to protect your digital assets from various threat actors.

Offensive Shield’s web application security testing identifies such vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the web applications of an enterprise by using a simulated attack. At our web application security testing company, our experts help to enhance the security capability of enterprises across environments comprising highly scalable AWS cloud or in-house legacy systems.

Our commitment to the best quality security testing is proven by the disclosure of several zero-day vulnerabilities in enterprises across business verticals and geographies.

Why should you test your Web Applications?

Why Web Application Security Testing from Offensive Shield?

In-depth Manual Testing

The experts of our web application security testing organization combine automated testing with in-depth manual testing to analyze all possible vulnerabilities and enhance the security capability of the web application.

Risk Based Approach

Our web application security test utilizes a risk-based approach to manually identify critical application-centric security flaws in all in-scope applications.

Industry Leading Tools

Offensive Shield's web application security test combines the results from industry-leading scanning tools with manual testing to enumerate and validate vulnerabilities, configuration errors, and business logic flaws. In-depth manual application testing enables us to find what scanners often miss.

Reinforce Trust

Our web application security testing helps to reinforce trust in the application by your employees, clients, vendors, and customers.


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