Virtually Impenetrable Security

Our team at Offensive Shield has noticed an influx of offensive practitioners in recent years. This influx of entry-level talent has created a saturation in the industry and has created a culture of mediocracy, where the scales of quantity versus quality has been tipped to quantity. When it comes to security, the stakes are too high to leave the responsibility of your testing to entry-level talent.

At Offensive Shield we strive towards excellence and delivering virtually impenetrable security systems for our clients.

We are a team of seasoned professionals with solid work experience.

Our team consists of experts who have years of experience in consulting with clients in all industrial sectors, including but not limited to healthcare, law, entertainment, agriculture, retail, finance, and software design.

Cutting Edge Offensive Security Assessments


Offensive Shield is a leading firm in the global market for cutting edge offensive security assessments, as they are carried out by exceptionally skilled professionals.


For us, our line of work is not a trivial pursuit; cyber security is our life's work and our passion. We are committed to effectively engage with businesses to provide guidance and services to help strengthen their security systems


Our dedicated team regularly authors tools, delivers presentations at industry conferences, conducts master-level training, and advise industry associations.

Highly Sophisticated Security Consultations

Our services are at the forefront of the security industry when it comes to providing highly sophisticated security consultations. We are aware that the industry has evolved into something impersonal and deadline orientated, therefore we recognise that communication is paramount in meeting the standards and expectations of our clients.

As veteran security professionals, we act as trusted advisors, project managers, and hackers throughout every engagement. From day one, you will receive personal and undivided attention to ensure we deliver our services beyond your expectations.



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