Why Social Engineering Assessments are Necessary

You may have a robust IT infrastructure, a resilient network, and a tech-savvy and digitally connected workforce working harmoniously to deliver a great product or service. However, cybercriminals can use social engineering tricks like phishing to intrude into your network and systems and steal sensitive personal and business data.

Offensive Shield’s social engineering assessment

In spite of your best efforts at sensitising your employees and customers about the dangers of cybercrime, fraudsters can manipulate unsuspecting people into sharing personal or business details, clicking links mimicking the websites of known organizations, or opening malicious attachments. Hence, you may contact a phishing vishing service provider to protect the digital assets of your company.

Offensive Shield’s social engineering assessment services allow organizations to test their systems and assess their employee’s readiness in detecting and responding to any phishing attacks.

Our custom social engineering assessments built by experts can identify the vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure in allowing phishing and vishing (voice calls) attacks. We let you gain valuable insights into the potential risks existing in your IT infrastructure and guide you in fixing them.

What is Social Engineering and why is it so risky?

Social engineering is a technique to exploit human psychology and manipulate people into divulging confidential information, or gain physical access to buildings, systems, data, or information. Here, fraudsters, rather than exploiting the software glitches, trick employees into giving away their passwords or share network privileges to gain entry into the IT systems of organizations, and steal data.

In this deceptive attack, cybercriminals take recourse to persuade employees or users of an IT system to perform specific actions such as divulging their passwords or clicking on a link. Social engineering consists of a range of attacks, namely, phishing, vishing, tailgating, baiting, pretexting, and quid pro quo. Statistics suggest that more than 90% of cyber attacks rely on social engineering and so, it is important that organizations should assess their systems and stakeholders to thwart any related incidences. The best way to go about it is to seek assistance from a phishing vishing service provider and count on professional expertise.

Why should organizations get a social engineering assessment?

In a real world scenario, fraudsters make use of various social engineering tricks to gain access into secured places and cause data breaches.

Social engineering assessments help organizations to figure out how secure their systems are or how knowledgeable their employees are in terms of following security regulations and compliances.

Being the most authentic phishing vishing service provider, we target employees and other stakeholders of an organization by using techniques such as spearphishing and vishing calls, among others, to gain unauthorized access into secured places.


The benefits gained by organizations in leveraging our social engineering assessment are as follows:

Why choose Offensive Shield?

Our experienced cybersecurity specialists launch a simulated attack comprising social engineering techniques of phishing, vishing, etc., to access critical information.

Our techniques mimic the ones used by real hackers to bring to light any existing vulnerabilities.

We perform simulated social engineering assessments to detect the level of security awareness among your employees.

We brief you about the potential risks and the mitigating measures to prevent any real-world attack.



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