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Blockchain technology has emerged as a frontline solution for storing and sharing critical data with utmost security.

This distributed ledger technology is considered to be tamperproof as the data are stored using complex rules, which are difficult to manipulate. It offers data confidentiality using a public key infrastructure, which prevents threat actors from altering data.However, in the absence of any ‘agreement’ in developing secure blockchain solutions and the evolving nature of the technology, blockchain developers may not always implement effective security controls. This approach may compromise the security of blockchain and anything built on or around it. Offensive Shield’s blockchain security testing service helps enterprises to secure their blockchain connected data and network.

The blockchain testing service includes reviewing the chain code, blockchain network, mobile and web applications interacting with the technology, the ingress and egress points in the network, configuration, user certificates, APIs, and the access and security controls to identify any inherent vulnerability. Our blockchain testing specialists can test your entire blockchain environment or specific elements within it by using the tried and tested methods of penetration testing. This way, our specialists can detect vulnerabilities unique to the blockchain technology.

Offensive Shield’s Blockchain Security Testing Strategy

Review of Chain Code

Our testing specialists detect and help fix potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the blockchain network or associated connections using a suite of tools. This prevents the use of any alternative path by hackers to compromise the network.

Review of Configuration and Access Control

The testing specialists at our blockchain security testing organization assess the remote nodes and block producers, integration with the off-chain code, certificate authority, PKI, and code repository.

Documentation and Review of Policy

We document each step of the testing process and provide a report comprising screenshots, findings, detailed explanations, and remediation steps to be taken, among others. We help various stakeholders, namely, developers, risk owners, and architects to develop security policies, processes, and controls for your blockchain network.

Benefits of Blockchain Testing

Offensive Shield’s blockchain testing service offers a range of benefits as mentioned below:

Secure the connected infrastructure

By launching a simulated attack on your blockchain infrastructure and associated connections, we detect various vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by any threat actor to compromise the network and steal critical data.

Secure blockchain technology

We help in securing the components of the blockchain technology by assessing the chain code, configurations, access controls, and others. Being a part of our blockchain security testing organization, the specialists can detect the cryptographic flaws and common threats including replay attacks. We reveal your blockchain network’s potential for DDoS attacks and help you establish contingency plans for prevention.

Develop secure processes and policies

Our test specialists work along with blockchain architects and developers to design security for the code. This helps to make the blockchain infrastructure more resilient to any malevolent threat actors.

Why Blockchain Testing from Offensive Shield?


To secure your blockchain infrastructure from various threat actors, hire the testing specialists from Offensive Shield. We offer a full suite of blockchain security solutions across industry verticals, geographies, devices, platforms, and networks.

key findings

Apart from having the experience and expertise in testing blockchain platforms and components, we offer key findings and actionable insights on vulnerabilities and remediation solutions.


As a trusted blockchain security testing organization, we help your enterprise to detect hidden gaps in the blockchain infrastructure before they are exploited by hackers and turn into a full-blown crisis for your enterprise.


While conducting blockchain penetration testing, we remain in constant touch with the leadership team and inform it of our methodology, processes used, key findings, and solutions.



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