Robust Support Mechanisms for both iOS and Android Platforms

Extensive Experience

Our team has extensive experience in both iOS and Android penetration testing. We understand the unique security challenges and vulnerabilities with each type of mobile.

Customized Assessments

Being the premier mobile application security testing company, our collective expertise allows us to customize assessments according to specific concerns, such as reverse-engineering an iOS app or malware threats to an Android app.

Simulate Multiple Attacks

All of our mobile security assessments simulate multiple attack pathways and risks, including unsecure storage, risks associated with stolen devices, mobile malware attacks, and both authenticated and unauthenticated app users.

Tailor made Scenarios

Apps installed on in-house mobile devices? We provide tailor made scenarios to map enterprise conditions as well.

Static, Dynamic, and Source Code Pentesting


Our security experts examine each mobile during runtime and periods of inactivity to identify all vulnerabilities. This enables us to Integrate both static and dynamic data.

At our mobile application security testing company, the deep-dive method of testing targets internal vulnerabilities such as, unsecured storage of credentials, Android backups and sensitive app data.

full source code review

While our iOS and Android experts can decompile or reverse-engineer apps themselves, more vulnerabilities can be identified through a full source code review of the application.

By reviewing the app source code during the penetration test, even deeply buried vulnerabilities can be identified and improved.



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