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Is your software development process equipped to handle every kind of cyber attack? Remember, it is possible for the code quality to degenerate over the application life cycle resulting in the addition of more bugs while updating the software architecture, fixing bugs, or adding new features.

Offensive Shield’s Code Review Service can identify dangerous or erroneous coding practices and vulnerabilities, which a conventional penetration test might miss out on due to inadequate information about your IT systems. With our Code Review Service, we ensure every penny of your investment amount benefits your project and any inefficient procedure is detected and streamlined. We reduce or eliminate any remediation risks and associated costs by helping you with app security testing.

Why is Code Review important?

Any software application can have architectural errors, security bugs, business logic flaws, mistypes, and sundry other limitations. These can expose your processes, systems, tools, vendors, customers, and employees to situations like identity fraud, site defacement, and data breaches, and malware attack, among others. Having prior knowledge of the code can make it quicker and easier to fix vulnerabilities. Moreover, a source code review can reveal poor coding practices leading to more number of vulnerabilities in the future.

You may contact the specialists at Offensive Shield for Code Review when any of the below-mentioned factors/points exist:

  • The requirement of a higher level of assurance

  • Open-source software

  • Critical and high impact applications

  • Outsourced or acquired applications

  • Penetration tests have already been conducted

Why Code Review from Offensive Shield?

Offensive Shield excels in providing application security and has cybersecurity specialists who can validate findings, interpret test results, and prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation.

Our Code Review Services are tailored to your specific needs and are provided by experts who are experienced, adaptable, professional, experienced, and easy to work with.

Our dynamic testing methodology and approach can correlate the test results to make a comprehensive and accurate assessment of your IT security posture.

Post process recommendations on a successful Code Review, we brief your leadership team about the findings of various aspects of the software development process.

Acting upon these recommendations can keep your organization on a growth trajectory, prevent cyberattacks, and deliver a superior end-user experience.


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