Red Team Testing

You consider the security system of your organization to be robust and foolproof, and cannot be compromised by cybercriminals. However, you will be surprised to find out that there may be gaps in your security system in the form of backdoors, unexpected entry points, and less observed routes, which cybercriminals can exploit to the hilt.

Red team testing can launch multi-pronged targeted attacks on your IT systems by using a wide array of tools and methodologies, which an external attacker is expected to use. It goes beyond traditional penetration testing where security experts only look for potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your IT infrastructure within a defined scope against any cyber-attack on your organization.

Offensive Shield’s Red team security testing or assessment can check your organization’s readiness in stopping any cyber-attack in real-time. We provide your organization with information as to how well-equipped it is in detecting, responding, and preventing any cyber threat scenario. Apart from penetrating your organization and reaching out to your data assets, our experienced security experts verify the incident response system of your organization as to how effective it is in mitigating threats. Our Red team testing exercise includes activities such as social engineering, physical security testing, hacking, manipulating humans, malware insertion, exploiting 3rd party relationship, and pivoting. At the end of the exercise, we give you a comprehensive report documenting the existing vulnerabilities, advice on remediation, strategies on threat protection, and the way to further strengthen your security apparatus.

What are the benefits of Red team Testing?

Why should you consult Offensive Shield for Red Team Testing?

Offensive Shield offers full-force red teaming addressing cyber attacks, social engineering, and physical security in testing threat profiles. This means comprehensive testing of your business’s technical landscape as well as fully testing your people and physical security controls.

Demonstrate how attackers could move throughout your system.

Provide insight on your organization's ability to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced threats.


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