Top Vulnerability Assessment Service for Risk Mitigation

The threat of cybercrime is real and can deal a body blow to your business if suitable countermeasures are not taken in time.

Cybercriminals take advantage of the existing vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your IT infrastructure to gain access to your critical customer and business assets. Moreover, it is a regulatory requirement to keep your IT infrastructure compliant with strong security standards. Whether your organization develops software applications or uses third-party software, you may want to engage our vulnerability assessment testing service to protect your IT environment and secure your organization against cybercrime.

To ensure your IT infrastructure is resilient and strong enough to defend against various threat actors, you should first identify the vulnerabilities using vulnerability assessment services. At Offensive Shield, we help organizations like yours to detect critical security vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate remediation measures to prevent the risk of cybercrime.

A vulnerability can exist in two ways:

  • A glitch or bug in the software code, which authenticated or unauthenticated hackers can exploit to cause harm
  • A weakness or gap in the internal controls or security procedures, which can be exploited to cause a security breach

Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment for your Organization

The range of benefits your organization can derive from engaging our vulnerability assessment testing service is mentioned below:

How Offensive Shield’s Vulnerability Assessment Works

Your IT infrastructure may be home to several vulnerabilities, which need proper identification, prioritizing, and fixing. These overwhelming yet essential activities must be performed with utmost precision using a combination of manual and automation processes.

The critical part of our vulnerability assessment testing service is to prioritize the fixing of bugs or vulnerabilities, for spending time and effort on the wrong one could mean missing out on the critical one and let cybercriminals gain entry into the network.

At Offensive Shield, our experienced cybersecurity specialists work with you in identifying the critical vulnerabilities existing in your internal and external IT environment, and fixing them according to their priority. We validate a vulnerability as real and understand its potential for exploitation by threat actors before documenting it.

Our approach in conducting vulnerability assessment is adapted to suit your IT environment and business objectives and includes assessing the people, processes, and technologies of your organization.


At Offensive Shield, we perform a range of activities to detect procedural and policy deficiencies including gap assessments for standards like HIPAA, ISO 27002, and BS7799.

We also conduct SDLC assessments and PCI audits to identify the gaps in the system.


We follow a concurrent remediation methodology wherein the most critical vulnerabilities are fixed first. Our vulnerability assessment services also include performing out-of-schedule scanning requests and presenting the findings and actionable recommendations to your leadership team for evaluation and action. Since the findings are rated on the basis of potential risks, your team can focus on addressing the vulnerabilities that count the most.

Why Vulnerability Assessment from Offensive Shield?

At Offensive Shield, our cybersecurity specialists are experienced in offering vulnerability assessment testing service to several clients across industry verticals. The reasons for you to hire our services include:

Real-world experience

Our test specialists have fine-tuned their techniques and updated the tools by observing real-world scenarios, which ensure they reflect the current threat environment.

Client-specific assessment

We plan and implement vulnerability assessments that are customized to your organization’s IT environment and threat scenario. Our tactics and procedures mimic the ones that are likely to be used by threat actors to gain access to your critical assets.

Knowledge of attack vectors

Threat actors are devising newer ways and tools to penetrate a vulnerable system and steal critical information. At Offensive Shield, our test consultants have extensive knowledge about various attack vectors that malevolent actors can use against unsuspecting organizations.

Security policies

Staying compliant with various security protocols and standards is a must to gain customer confidence, secure the security of your IT environment, and prevent breaches. Our cybersecurity specialists help your organization to comply with all such protocols (HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOX, and others.)


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