Financial Services and Insurance

The BFSI industry deals with confidential customer information like card details, login credentials, and banking info. Our cybersecurity experts detect any security vulnerabilities to ensure the security and integrity of data and operations and regulatory compliance.


Telecom are a critical component of our nation’s infrastructure, and that makes your facilities’ IT security invaluable. An exhaustive IT security audit by truly cutting-edge experts is crucial to secure operations, as well as to compliance with the NIST framework.


Attack vectors are constantly trying to attack the systems storing or processing patient related information. Offensive Shield has the expertise and experience to create robust security solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate any security risks.

Information Technology

The IT industry is the driving force behind keeping an enterprise or entity efficient, productive, and competitive. Our cybersecurity experts conduct penetration and other types of testing across platforms to ensure the remediation of vulnerabilities and uphold the security of data and information.


Data breaches from any government-run network or IT systems can have dangerous implications for the citizens and country. We run the most advanced and comprehensive security testing processes to identify the gaps and recommend solutions to prevent the network or systems from cyber-attacks.


The blockchain testing experts review the chain code, ingress and egress points in the network, applications interacting with the technology, configuration, and security controls to detect vulnerabilities and secure the connected data and network with blockchain.


The education sector faces unique cybersecurity challenges and compliance issues. We work with the clients to ensure they uphold the high standard of education and implement appropriate measures to safeguard the theft of crucial research work, and the personal or financial information of students and others.

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